The Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Division serves as an integral partner in carrying out the District’s mission by providing the Taos Municipal Schools District with a qualified, diverse, and effective workforce.


The Human Resources Office of the Taos Municipal Schools (TMS), recognizing the primary goal to provide the best possible education of students of the District, also recognizes that in order to accomplish this task it must provide the most qualified and competent staff.


The Human Resources Office will attract and maintain the best qualified personnel who will provide quality learning opportunities for students. Management strategies will be utilized to involve staff in decisions and to instill pride and ownership of solutions, services, and activities that will benefit students.


Recruit, select and employ the best qualified and competent staff Conduct an employment appraisal program that will ensure annual evaluations of staff and promote the continuous improvement of staff performance Assign personnel to ensure effective assignment and utilization Develop quality human relationships.

Employment Applications

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Human Resources Staff

Esther Winter
Esther Winter
Director of Human Resources/Transportation
Michelle Samantha Martinez
Michelle Samantha Martinez
HR/Transportation Financial Specialist
Sandra Martinez
Sandra Martinez
HR/Transportation Financial Specialist

Department Spotlight

We are proud of our graduate students’ accomplishments in research, in the classroom, and beyond. See below to learn more about some of the wonderful things that our students do, and their potential to change the world.

Campus News

Taos Leadership Class

The Taos High School Leadership Class will run in committees which will include SPA, Blood Drive Committee, Spirit Committee and Staff/Teach appreciation committee. The class will hold elections and have elected officers. The students will learn to become better leaders and complete many projects.

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